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I was walking outside my house on the way to the bar and to my luck there were a group of Asian girls standing in a circle, talking to each other on the pavement in front of my house. I knew that if I had tried to pull any single one of the girls it would end badly. However, this didn't stop me because I would fail many times throughout the night anyway, possibly having to wait until I see Holly later.

I walked up to the group of women and they all decided to split except for one. The most attractive one at that. Since she was alone this made it much easier. I recognised the girl too, but I don't know where from.

"Hi. I'm Tzuyu." The girl replied with a cute smile. Then it hit me. She was one of the girls from a K-Pop group that were advertised a lot recently, and the other girls were some of the other members from the group!

I was blank for a few seconds until she waved her hand in front of my face. "Hello, is anyone there?" Tzuyu asked. I snapped back to reality and apologised. Thankfully she was okay with it. She leaned over my shoulder and whispered in my ear.

"I won't lie, I'm horny and was looking for some fun sex. I'll let you use me however you want." Tzuyu said, her accent was so sexy and I was glad she spoke English too. I asked how she knew the language and it turns out she'd gotten top grade in her English exams.

One thing I loved about Tzuyu was that despite her being cute, it made her sexier than she already was. Thankfully... my house was right behind

I pulled Tzuyu towards me and kissed her, moving my hands down her back slowly. I wonder if she was as kinky as Holly was. I doubted it though. After a couple of minutes kissing softly, I decided to squeeze her ass and pulled her towards me. Tzuyu started giggling and I loved it, she sounded much sexier than Holly did...

I pulled away from the young girl and told her to walk to the door and she did. When she reached the door, I pressed her up against it, pushing my hard on into her

"Ungh..." Tzuyu moaned. I pulled out my keys and unlocked the door, causing us both to stagger in. I closed the door behind us and locked it closed. Tzuyu walked up the stairs rather slowly and I didn't realise how tight her trousers were on her ass until then. God her ass was good for an Asian girl. She was a bit curvier than most Asian girls which pleased me.

Tzuyu turned around and kissed me again, sticking her tongue down my throat, I did the same back which caused us to fight for dominance. I was loving this too much. As we were violently kissing, she put her hand down my trousers and started wanking me off slowly. I moaned into her mouth and I walked her towards my bedroom door. I got in and closed the door behind us.

Tzuyu pushed me onto my bed and started slowly and seductively stripping in front of me, first starting with her jeans.

Tzuyu bent over and pulled her trousers down slowly, causing her ass to pop out. I could also see that she was wearing a white pair of panties. I wondered if Tzuyu was wearing a matching set.

In a matter of seconds, she was just standing there in her shirt and underwear. She looked incredible. I could see a small wet spot in the centre of her knickers which made me want to fuck her even more.

I ordered Tzuyu to take off her shirt and as I had hoped, she was wearing a matching set.

"You like it?" She asked. I nodded and smiled but in my head I was drooling. It was too much to take especially in my current state and I decided to take her here.

I stood up and undressed myself as fast as I possibly could. I was left standing there in my boxers and we just looked at each other. The girl walked up to me and kissed me again. Tzuyu seemed to love kissing, maybe she was the romantic type, I don't know. But what I did know is that we were both about to fuck.

Tzuyu got onto her knees and pulled my boxers down, revealing my erect cock. She placed her hand on it and couldn't fully wrap her hand around it.

"How is this going to fit in my pussy..." Tzuyu mumbled as she weighed my balls in her hands. "Someone's balls need emptying!" She giggled.

Slowly, Tzuyu started wanking me off as quick as she could. Her hands were nice and soft, she seemed to take care of them well. She was able to give a good handjob, which did wonders for me. Unfortunately, due to not having sex in so long, I had to stop her before I had blown my load straight in her face.

"I'm gonna cum, stop." I commanded her.

"Oh good. You're ready." i love watch jav movies here - dirtyharuto.com .

Tzuyu stood up and took both her bra and panties off leaving her completely naked. Her tits were not the biggest I admit but they were sizeable. Good enough for me anyway. I picked her up by her legs, which she had then wrapped around my waist, and slammed her against the wall. Tzuyu placed her hands around my neck and started nipping at it with her teeth.

"Oh Tzuyu..." I moaned and this caused her to chuckle as she bit me. She grabbed my cock and inserted it into her pussy, slowly. As the tip went in I slammed all the way into her and she threw her head back, hitting the wall by accident. Her pussy was extremely tight, arguably the tightest I'd been in.

"Ahhhhh... it does fit..." Tzuyu moaned. I slowly pulled out of her pussy until it was nearly out and pushed into her harder than before. This caused Tzuyu to moan erotically and the sounds she was making were like music to my ears. I repeated the process over and over again, building up the speed as I did so.

Tzuyu started to roll her hips, matching my rhythm. She started moaning even louder and so I took a risk and slapped her leg. She stopped moving and looked at me dead in the face.

"Kinky, are we?" Tzuyu teased. "Do it again... on my ass."

I started thrusting again and did as she asked. She was enjoying herself way more than I had expected.

"AH... AHHH... AHHHHH!!" Tzuyu screamed as she came. I didn't expect her to have her orgasm just yet but I was happy. She took my cock out of her pussy, placed her legs onto the floor and shakily walked over to my bed.

"We... aren't... done." Tzuyu gasped. She seemed exhausted and yet wanted to go again. If anything I thought I would be the tired one. I walked over to the bed and kneeled down above her. I put my cock inside her pussy once again and started thrusting.

"Yes... just like that." Tzuyu moaned. As soon as I sped up and started going as fast as I could, she placed her hands on my chest and pushed me onto my back. She got on top of me and started riding my cock.

I sat up as she was bouncing on me and I put my lips around her gumdrop shaped nipples. I slowly started sucking on them while swirling my tongue around them. Her nipples were rather small and looked perfect on her tits not to mention they felt perfect in my mouth too.

Soon, I felt my cock twitch and I realised I only had about two minutes left until I would blow my load. I let go of Tzuyu's tits and laid my head down on the pillow. I grabbed hold of her hips and thrusted into her pussy as fast and as hard as I could. She started moaning much louder than before and I loved it.

"OH GOD YES!! DON'T FUCKING STOP!!" Tzuyu yelled at the top of her voice. I'm not sure who was enjoying this more out of me and her but I was nearly done.

"Tzuyu, I'm gonna cum." I warned her.

"UGH... WAIT... I'M CLOSE!!"

I kept fucking her at the same rate and all I could hear was her moaning.

"YESSSSSS!!" Tzuyu hissed. She took my cock out of her pussy and laid on her knees on the floor. She told me to stand up so I did.

"Want to cum on my face?" She asked. I nodded and as I went to grab my cock she gripped my wrist and moved it away. She wagged her finger as if to say tell me no. Tzuyu then grabbed my cock and started wanking me off and licking my cock along with my balls.

Tzuyu felt my cock twitch and then she placed her face right in front of me and started giving me the smoothest yet fastest handjob possible until one stream came out and plastered her left cheek, another in her hair and the last on her nose and right side of her face. She giggled and collected it with her index fingers, scooping up bit by bit from her face and swallowing it. Her hair however, was a mess. I let her stay the day to use my shower. Whatever was mine was her's.

To be continued...

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